You care about families. You have wanted to do something. You know that helping them is what you are called to do. You also know it’s good for your business to have motivated, loyal and distraction free team members...but you never knew how to help or what you could do—now you can.

Your employees are undoubtedly dealing with a lot of stuff in the hours they are not at work.  Marital issues, parenting stress, financial burden, you can help them. RightNow Media @ Work offers instant and unlimited access to a vast library of faith-based content that meets every person where they are. Some of the topics addressed in the thousands of resources are:

Peace at Home Impacts Peace at Work.

Whether at church, at home or in the back seat on a long drive, families with children of all ages now have unlimited access to an enormous library of entertaining and educational faith-based content just for kids!

Caring for your employees is caring for your business.  Studies show that psychologically healthy workplaces have lower turnover, less stress and higher satisfaction. Luckily, you don't have to hope for these things–RightNow Media @ Work is jam-packed with resources that can help your team deal with life’s most stressful circumstances and equip them to move forward in their personal journey with hope and peace.


Check out these statistics from the American Psychological Association comparing psychologically healthy workplaces (in orange) to the national average (in gray):

Hope for the Future

The best part is that you will be able to gift this to your team as an absolutely free and voluntary gift.  We will help you make it clear to them that their usage or their lack of usage is in no way a reflection of their job performance and that there is no obligation for them to participate in RightNow Media @ Work.

Free & Voluntary for Your Team