Tips for Dealing with Constant Talkers featuring Larry Osborne

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Is there someone in your group who is unaware of how little they allow others to speak? Listen to Larry Osborne, Pastor at North Coast Church in San Diego, CA, as he gives us practical tips to dealing with a constant talker.

Larry Osborne gives us a practical way to deal with a constant talker: simply ask that person to help you by making sure 4 to 6 people have a chance to talk before they interject again. How can you implement this tip with your own "constant talker"? What are other practical ways you might try (or have tried) to encourage good group participation?
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Sometimes issues are easily fixed with a practical solution and other times they are not. Larry mentioned that there are times when someone may need to be asked to leave a group. If you are having difficulty with someone in your group, please let me know. I'm here to help.