How to Build a Life Group that Lasts with Mike Hurt

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How do you move your group to a deeper level of intimacy? What has to happen for your group to be successful? In this compelling 3-minute clip, Mike Hurt, Senior Pastor at Parkway Church in Victoria, TX, defines four stages of group life and challenges our usual definition of group success.

Mike outlined four stages of group life. 1. Group Formation. 2. Risk Taking Relationships. 3. Growth & Maturity. 4. Group Decides Its Future. 

Take a moment to evaluate your group. Which stage is your group in?
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What needs to happen in your group to move to the next level? Mike said that for him, the number one hindrance to growing deeper as a group was the inappropriate use of humor. How is humor used in your group? Is humor stopping your group from moving toward maturity? What are some hindrances in your group?
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Mark concluded by saying that in order for your group to leave a lasting legacy, you need to share your community with others. The key is maintaining openness in your group, and never becoming “closed,” since closed groups inevitably decline. If your group is new, how can you keep this goal in mind? How will it change your approach? If your group is well established, how can you begin to share your experience with others?
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