How to Lovingly Correct Bad Theology with Mark Batterson

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It's always awkward when someone makes a comment that is way off base. As the group leader, how you respond to them is so important. In this 2-minute clip, Mark Batterson, Lead Pastor at National Community Church in Washington, D.C., talks about the right measure of boldness and gentleness to use in these tough situations.

Mark encouraged us to look past the particular comment to the "spirit behind the comment." Think of the last time you had a group member say something that was completely wrong. How did you answer them? What do you think was the motivation/spirit behind their comment? If you are unsure of the spirit behind the comment, which approach do you think you should take: boldness or gentleness? Why?
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Mark also suggested taking the conversation "off line" and following up with the person during the week. This allows you to not embarrass the person and gives you time to research the answer. If you are having difficulty with the topic or question, let me know. Also, make sure you do follow up, either directly with the person, or if appropriate, in next week's small group meeting.

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