Resolving Conflict Biblically with John Burke

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We don't have to be afraid of conflict, we need to be prepared for it. In this 2-minute clip, John Burke, Lead Pastor at Gateway Church in Austin, TX, talks candidly about conflict and encourages us to resolve it in a way that honors God.

I thought it was interesting that John said that we don't really learn about our community until the first fight breaks out. Has your group or ministry team experienced conflict? Read Matthew 18:15–17. Take a moment to honestly evaluate how your conflict was resolved. How close was it to Scripture? What are some ways to improve?
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What was a takeaway from John's teaching that encouraged you?
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If you've never talked about biblical conflict resolution with your group, take some time this coming week to walk them through these verses. It's important to let them know what God's expectations are for us as we work to resolve conflict.

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