Serving, Playing and Praying with Your Group

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Being a great small group leader requires more than just lesson preparation. In this 3-minute clip, Heather Zempel, Pastor of Discipleship at National Community Church in Washington, D.C., challenges us to lead by example and become personally involved in the lives of our group members.

Heather said that if we want our groups to gel, it starts with us, the leaders... especially by being genuinely interested in each member of your group. How do you show your group that you are interested in them (eye contact, active listening, following up during the week, etc.)?
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Take a moment to list the ways in the past three months that your group has served together, played together, and prayed together. In which areas can your group improve? Write down a few ideas of things you can do in that area...and then share that with your group next week.
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Inevitably, your group will follow your lead. Consider how you're investing in your group members and seek to model the kind of group member that you want your group to be.