Tips to Foster Group Participation with Greg Bowman

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We all want good group participation, but sometimes that's a challenge. In this 2-minute clip, Greg Bowman, Pastor of Spiritual Formation at West Ridge Community Church in Elgin, IL, shares some simple but significant tips that can influence the group's participation as a whole.

Greg suggested seating directly across from you someone in your group that you'd like to encourage to share more. He also said that you could seat the most talkative person next to you. Take a moment to think about how your group participates in discussion. How can you arrange the seating to foster more balanced participation?

In addition to seating, Greg talked about paying attention to people's body language. Think about your group. What physical cues might you be missing? How can you be more attentive next meeting?

Greg concluded by reminding us that sometimes you just have to have a conversation with someone to either encourage them to participate more, or to allow others to join in the conversation. Is there someone in your group that you really need to have that conversation with?

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