The Church Should Get Ticked Off! featuring Max Lucado

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Read Acts 6:1-7. When you are done, watch this 4-minute clip from Max Lucado as he talks about fighting injustice. Max is the Pastor of Writing and Preaching at Oak Hills Church in San Antonio. He is also an author having sold more than 65 million books. I love his passion and clarity in this clip.

In Acts 6:1-7 we see that the disciples were busy. The church was growing like crazy. The disciples knew that they were called to go and preach the Good News. But when the complaint came that there were those who were being neglected by the daily distribution of food, the disciples didn't discuss if they would make sure the widows needed food. The fact that the widows needed food was a no-brainer. Instead, they focused on who would distribute the food. And they took it seriously; they even commissioned those men.

As a leader, how can you be a "curator of the questions" your people wrestle with that Max talked about? What can you do to raise the question of the injustice around you?
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Where are we bringing the hope of Jesus Christ to those who have not heard? How are we leading people to be the help and help of Christ in their own circle of influence -- where they live and work?
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We have people in our world that don't have enough food or shelter or clean water. Why don't we act? What can we do about it?
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I challenge you to talk with your group about the injustices that are around us and challenge them to do something. Formulate a plan.

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