Leading "Prayer" Youth Bible Study featuring Francis Chan

Leading "Prayer" Youth Bible Study featuring Francis Chan

You can find the Prayer series exclusively in the RightNow Media Bible Study Library, here

Prayer is a frequent theme in Scripture, but students often struggle with questions about the purpose, practice and power of prayer. Is this invisible God just a magic genie in heaven who gives me what I want? Does God really want to hear from me, and if so, how does He talk back? If God already knows everything, what’s the point of praying? Why doesn’t God always answer my prayers?

Over four powerful sessions, you’ll explore these tough questions and hear students share how prayer impacted the tough situations they were facing. Take a look at an overview of the series that you will stream from your RightNow Bible Study Library. 

At the beginning of each session, your students will experience  a dramatic or clever illustration that eases into the topic. This thought-provoking illustration bounces off the inaccurate ideas many students have about prayer to define the rich relationship with God we experience when we communicate with him. 

You'll also hear students share how prayer impacted the situations they were facing. In this real-life story from the series, Jonathan shares what prayer means to him and how a simple prayer started deeper conversations about faith with friends in school.

Do you know any students who may not understand the power, purpose or practice of prayer?  Who in your group is struggling with unanswered prayer? Are there students on the fringe who you could reach out to as you start this Bible study?

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In each of the four sessions, Francis Chan will unpack what the Bible has to say about prayer, helping teens understand how they should pray, what they are called to pray for, and why God invites them to communicate with Him.

Francis is a nationally-recognized speaker and author of Crazy Love and Forgotten God. In this message to the leaders, he shares how to make your teaching count. 

Francis reminded us that students learn best by example, and so he asked us, as we look to teach our students about prayer, "Are you a person of prayer?" Are you coming into the presence of God or would you rather hear from another speaker about God? What are your students "catching" from you?
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To help you teach your students to go deeper in their faith through prayer, you will use downloadable Leader's Guide and group handouts available online for them to dig deep into powerful teaching from the video. Take some time in advance to consider the Bible study questions and come up with personal examples to encourage discussion with your students. This is the time for them to make their faith their own.

As you prepare to lead this Bible study, are there any ways I can pray for you or help you facilitate?
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Thank you for investing in the lives of students. It truly will impact generations to come.

You can find the Prayer series exclusively in the RightNow Media Bible Study Library, here