Costumes and Canyons

2013 Austin Stone Worship Conference

In this 34-minute session from the 2013 Austin Stone Worship Conference, Charlie Hall calls worship leaders away from leading others out of their own gifts and abilities, and instead calls them to lead out of an authentic relationship with Christ. Charlie has been leading others in worship through song for about 20 years. He is a successful recording artist and a pastor at Frontline Church in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Charlie gave four aspects of God-glorifying ministry:
  1. Live One Life
  2. Live in your calling
  3. Live for Jesus, because of Jesus, to the glory of the Father, by the power of the Holy Spirt
  4. Love and shepherd people with God's heart

What is your "costume"—what barriers are you most likely to put around you to keep people from getting too far inside? How do you battle this and remain authentic in your ministry?
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Can you relate to the "canyon" Charlie talked about—the gap between your gifts/abilities and your character? When do you feel that this gap is smallest?
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What is your "calling"? How do you avoid equating your calling with only a title or job?
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Charlie encouraged ministers to "give away your calling," to "pass it down." How are you raising up others, encouraging them in their calling?
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Are you ever tempted to seek your own glory when you lead others in worship? How do you fight the temptation to make your own name great and instead point others to the glory of God?
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Do you think of yourself as a shepherd, or just a worship leader? How does having a genuine love and desire to shepherd those you minister to impact the way you lead them in worship?
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Let the exhortation Charlie gave at the end of his message sink in. Listen to what the Lord might be speaking to you about your ministry:

Serve your church by standing as a priest, not treating people as lesser.
Serve your church by being called by God and walking in that calling.
Serve your church by humbling yourself before God, realizing everything flows from him.
Serve your church by being a prophet and proclaiming Christ.
Serve your church as the accepted, adopted children of God—sons and daughters.

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