Take Care of Your Group Leaders

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Pastors charged with the oversight of a small group ministry have a great opportunity to build-up and equip group leaders. Bill Search has been in small group ministry for a long time. In this training post he encourages group pastors with some advice that will help them in their role. Bill is Senior Pastor of Rolling Hills Christian Church in El Dorado Hills, California and author of Simple Small Groups.

How often do you currently touch base with each of your group leaders? What system do you use to make sure none of your leaders are falling through the cracks?
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What is your main vehicle for training and resourcing group leaders? Is that a one-time thing for new leaders, or do you have ongoing opportunities to equip leaders?
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When you read a great book, blog post, or video that would be helpful to your group leaders, how do you pass those on? What forum do you have to speak with them about that material?
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What value do you, personally, see in being a member of a small group yourself? How do you use your experiences in your group as you shape and shepherd the small group ministry?
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As a group pastor you are, at least in some sense, a pastor of pastors. A big part of your role is to shepherd and care for group leaders who are leading and caring for the people in their group. You've got an incredible opportunity to be a source of encouragement. Use the resources available to you to help make sure they feel equipped in their roles, including all of the incredible resources available through RightNow Media!

For more from Bill on this topic, check out his book Simple Small Groups, here.

For a great resource for your brand new group leaders, check out Secrets to Launching a Successful Small Group, a 3-part Course with Bill search. This is already available to you in your RightNow Media library, here.