Core Values and Good Decisions

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Jennifer Degler is a psychologist, author and the founder of CWives. She frequently speaks to Christian women and married couples at conferences and retreats. In this video, she encourages women to identify their personal core values and let these motivate toward good decisions in both work and ministry.

Jennifer did not discuss our spiritual core values. We should all share in these if we are believers. Rather, these are the values that reflect your particular temperament and personality. The list that she referenced is posted below. Take a minute to look for guidance toward your own values there before you answer the questions.

Values List

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Name three peak moments in your life. What was being lived out in that moment that made it so meaningful to you? What values were being honored?
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After spending a few minutes with Jennifer's Values List and considering your peak moments, what do you think are your personal three to five core values?
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For further clarity, who are the ten people that you are going to ask, "What do I bring to the world?"
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As you identify your own core values, think about why God has placed these in you. Yes, your values can direct your decisions, but beneath that the real direction comes because you are the person that God has made you to be. Trust in Him and thank Him for all the ways he has gifted and molded you.

If you would like to learn more about Jennifer's practice and ministry, you can visit her website,