How to Approach Curriculum For Your Youth Group

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Do you have students who grew up in church, others who never attended church before and kids who attend but only on special occasions? Then a tendency to teach to one extreme or the other can be really frustrating. In this video, Leneita Fix talks about how to approach curriculum to best serve the spiritual needs of a youth group.

Leneita serves as Program Development Director for Aslan Youth Ministries and coordinates all aspects of training for Urban Youth Workers Institute. She is the author of No Teenager Left Behind: 10 Hard-to-Handle Teenagers and How to Break Through With Them and continues to work as a consultant for youth ministries by developing training materials for youth workers and curriculum for teens. 

Leneita's advice on how to chose an effective curriculum for your youth group: 
  1. Look at who is in the room.
  2. Look at your verbiage.
  3. Over-explain everything.
  4. Work in your own pace.
  5. Go over the curriculum, pull it apart and re-write it so its sensitive to the needs of your youth. 
  6. Don't be afraid to play to the strengths of the rest of your team.

What kind of students do you have in your youth group? What is their biblical knowledge? Where are they spiritually? What do they enjoy and what do they dislike?
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Leneita emphasized that youth workers need to teach at the foundational level and never assume youth's know what the lesson is about. Think about how you are currently teaching your students. What can you do to make sure your students are understanding the Bible?
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What is your experience with choosing a curriculum? Do you normally pick it out by yourself or do you pull in your staff to help you? How can you start using the strengths of your team to assist you?
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Lenieta said that students are "grappling to know what to do with their faith once it’s in their hands. So just keep working at it, keep doing it, don’t be afraid to do creative things, mess up. What’s the worse thing that can happen?"