How Church Leaders Can Serve Business Leaders

Empower Those in the Marketplace

Sometimes business people are torn between their joy and skill at their jobs and a desire to really serve God in ministry. In the following real-life story, we can see how one man found that this divide is unnecessary and brought a God-directed mission to his nine to five.

Living on mission for God includes every part of our lives, not only the time we engage in formal ministry. Mark Russell, author of Work as Worship, encourages pastors and small group leaders that they have a great voice to deliver this message to people who spend about one hour at church for every twenty hours in their vocations.

What does your church do to send its people out on mission? Do you believe that members of your church understand their calling to live on mission in the marketplace?
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What will it look like for the business leaders in your church to go out as living acts of worship?
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What will it look like for you personally to be a living act of worship?
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SERVE Those in the Marketplace

The business people in your congregation need empowerment to see God's vision for their workplaces. They need to be sent into their jobs in the same way that we send missionaries into third world countries, but how do church leaders strategically communicate and prepare people to treat the workplace like a mission field? Mark uses the acronym S.E.R.V.E. to offer some guidance.

Luke 10:27 (ESV)

27And he answered, “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind, and your neighbor as yourself.”

Scripture quotations marked (ESV) are from The Holy Bible, English Standard Version®, copyright © 2001 by Crossway Bibles, a publishing ministry of Good News Publishers. Used by permission. All rights reserved.

Church leaders can serve business leaders by doing the following things
  • Support marketplace people by showing them that what they are doing is valuable and an opportunity for mission.
  • Equip marketplace people with biblical truth for living as worshippers.
  • Release marketplace people by commissioning them to take the gospel into their workplaces.
  • Verify marketplace people by holding everyone accountable and understanding their working environment.
  • Encourage marketplace people to live on mission wherever they are.

How will the business people in your church receive this message? What will be the most effective way to teach this and see it realized in their working lives?
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Will your church commission the business people as missionaries? Why is this important, and how will it take place?
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Currently, how are most of the people in your church held accountable? How will this accountability also fulfill Mark's suggestion for Verification?
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Every one of us is called to live on mission wherever we are. As a church leader, encourage the business people that their mission is as significant as yours, and commission them to live lives of worship in whatever work God has given them.