How to Cultivate Faith Within Your Family

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Most parents want the guarantee that their kids will grow into mature men and women of God, glorifying Him with every aspect of their lives. What can they do to help guide their kids? What are the basic things parents need to know about their kids? In this video, Leneita Fix, Program Development Director for Aslan Youth Ministries and author of No Teenager Left Behind, explains what parents need to know about their kids so that they are able to disciple their children. 

Leneita's list of what parents need to know about their kids:
1. Every child requires you to parent them different.
2. Know your children never stop needing you.
3. Affirm your kids and tell them you love them and you like them.
4. Talk about and demonstrate your faith in your every day life. 
5. Be creative in how you speak truth into the lives of your children.
6. Don't worry about messing up. 
7. Be honest.

How are your kids different from each other? How do you handle their differences in how you parent and disciple them? Is there anything that needs to change?
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In what ways do you show your kids that you will always be there for them? How do you tell them that you love them? How do your actions demonstrate your love for them? List some creative ways in which you can speak truth into the lives of your kids today.
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Do you worry about messing up with your kids? If so, how does worry affect your relationships with your kids? What can you do today to start trusting God with how you parent your kids?
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Do you struggle with being honest with your children? If so, why? What do you fear? What will it look like for you to cultivate honesty in your family?
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The culture that we live in often puts our families, our children at risk. Is it possible to raise strong, confident and godly kids in today's culture? In this video, Leneita talks about the strategies she implemented to instill faith in her children and her home.

What has surprised you about parenting? What have your kids taught you about God's love?
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On a scale of 1 to 5 (5 being the most positive), how do you think you're doing in instilling faith in the lives of your children?

Leneita's strategic steps on how she has instilled faith in her children: 
  1. Incorporate a lifestyle of service.
  2. Model servanthood, compassion and what it means to walk with God.
  3. Pray with each other.
  4. Intentionally take advantage of the time you have with your kids.
  5. Be there for your kids as they discover what it means to grow in Christ.
  6. Help your child read the blueprint of how God made them to be.
  7. Read, teach and live God's Word.
  8. Let kids see that life is messy.

Read Leneita's strategic steps again. Did the list help you gain any new insights into how you can pass your faith into your children? If so, specifically what do you need to work on?
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Is there something you're afraid to try right now? What could you potentially be missing out with your children?
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Why do you think it's important for kids to see that life is messy? Do you think it will help kids understand God better?
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Leneita said, "Family is our first ministry beyond anything that we serve in and they need to know that. That it doesn’t stop there, that they’re called to have beautiful feet to bring the gospel wherever God tells them to—to just journey with Christ and just be faithful and obedient to being with Him forever.”