Five Simple Steps to Take When Your Husband is Overwhelmed

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Work, finances, family and health can be overwhelming and exhausting. In this real-life story,  Ken talks about his multiple job losses in a five year period. Eventually Ken and Lisa had to file for bankruptcy. Because of all the stress, their romance and intimacy was affected. 

Ken admitted that stress robs you of relationships with everything, including God. Marriage is an intimate union between a husband and wife. A wife can make a huge impact as she shows her husband he is a priority, especially when he's down. Kathi Lipp, speaker and author of The Marriage Project talks about five things wives can do actively to help their husbands during difficult times. 

Kathi listed five things you can do right away when you realize that your husband is overwhelmed.
  1. Lighten his load 
  2. Pray for him 
  3. Feed him 
  4. Sex
  5. Words of encouragement 

What is making your husband overwhelmed or exhausted?
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How can you help him that will convey he is a blessing and not a burden? How can you specifically take each of the five things and apply them in your marriage this week?
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What can you say to your husband to make him know that he is valued and respected?
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Here are eight verses you can pray for your husband, right now, as he’s feeling overwhelmed. (

What area of your husband's life do you feel needs your attention in prayer? What specific Scripture can you pray that is just for him?
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When your husband is overwhelmed, get strategic and creative. As you discover what he needs and what you can provide, you will be the helpmate God intended for spouses to be in the marriage relationship.

To read more about making a difference in your husband's life through bold, expectant prayer, you can find Praying God's Word for Your Husband by Kathi Lipp here.