Trust God with Your Kids

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As a Christian parent, perhaps one of the greatest fears you face is whether or not your child will embrace a faith in Christ of their own. In this post,  Michael DiMarco speaks from Scripture, pointing to the encouragement parents can find when they entrust their children to God. Michael is a Teaching Pastor at The Fellowship, a multi-site church in Nashville, TN. He has authored numerous books including God Guy and Die Young.

Why do you think it is difficult for so many parents to trust that God loves their children more than they do? Do you ever struggle with that belief?
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Take a few moments and list times when God has been trustworthy in your life.
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How does reflecting on God's trustworthiness in your past and His trustworthiness displayed in Scripture increase your ability to trust Him with your kids?
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God calls parents to pass their faith on to their children. However, faithful discipleship by parents is no guarantee. Ultimately, you must trust in God's work in your child's life, knowing that they are in His hands. At its core, this is good news. It means, no parenting misstep you might make will keep your child from faith in Christ!  You are called to disciple them and parent them, but it is God alone who has the power to save.

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