Help Your Kids Own Their Faith

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When does your child take ownership of their faith? When they walk the aisle, or say the prayer, or get baptized? In this post, Michael DiMarco shares the marks of an owned faith, helping parents understand their role in pointing their kids towards a genuine relationship with God. Michael is a Teaching Pastor at The Fellowship, a multi-site church in Nashville, TN, and is the author of Die Young and God Guy.

What markers do you use to observe spiritual growth in your children? What do you consider marks of true faith?
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Why is it important to let Scripture guide the way you think about spiritual formation in your kids?
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Michael gave four different ways kids (and adults too!) often experience faith before they own it:
  • Fake It: This is a weak faith, rooted in the law. It seeks the appearance of faith to gain some reward.
  • Rent It: Rooted in a love of the law, this is when faith is seen as something to be earned. Here, faith is just about doing the right thing.
  • Pick and Choose It: This is a frankenstein of faith, picking and choosing those aspects of faith which are personally appealing.
  • Borrow It: A normal condition, here children borrow the faith of parents until they can make it their own.

In what ways has your child "borrowed" your faith? What role do you play in that?
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What do you do to model your faith well, giving your children a living picture of what it looks like to own their faith?
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Are there steps that you need to take to transition your child from borrowing faith to owning their own faith? What might those be?
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Parents desire to see their children grow into a faith of their own. While ultimately you cannot determine your child's relationship with God, you can model the beauty and pleasure of a relationship with Him. Give your child a picture of what life in Christ looks like, until they are able to possess a faith of their own. 

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