God Finds Beauty in Broken Families

Thank God Because There is Beauty in the Broken

As a Christian author, speaker and former CEO of MOPS, Elisa Morgan has not been immune to the brokenness that affects us all. She shares her personal story in the book, The Beauty of Broken: My Story and LIkely Yours Too as an encouragement to families facing their own trials and brokenness.  Listen as she talks about the importance of accepting imperfections and learning to trust God even when life becomes less than we hope.

Elisa gave several compelling truths to encourage us in our brokenness
  • there is no such thing as a perfect family
  • there is beauty in the broken
  • God stoops low to the broken and doesn't cast us away, but works to redeem us
  • God always uses the brokenness, even further qualifying us for service because of the brokenness

What is your family's brokenness? What about your own? Have you struggled by wondering if it was fair or if God could ever use it for good?
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What has been the most encouraging thing to you about this message?
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How has God remade you in your brokenness? What lessons did you learn from your brokenness and what good changes came from that experience?
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How has God worked out good for your outward ministry through your brokenness? How has your brokenness helped you to serve others in a way that you could not before your breaking?
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When you are broken, your goal is not to try harder to feel good about it. Brokenness hurts. You can, however, trust God to walk with you and comfort you. He will find beauty in your brokenness, and with an open heart towards Him, He might let you see that beauty too. 
Watch the following story about Heather, a women who suffered terribly from her broken family and tragic past, but found redemption from God and a place to use her particular brokenness in wonderful service to the lost.

If you are interested in hearing more of Elisa's story and teaching on this subject, you can find her book The Beauty of Broken at her website.