Conflict: Manage the Elephant in the Room

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The hard moments of leadership usually center around conflict. You're never going to eliminate conflict, but you can learn how to manage it. Sherry Surratt, President of MOPS and co-author of Just Lead! gives practical ways for dealing with conflict appropriately. 

Sherry gave these 6 steps to managing conflict:
  1. Acknowledge conflict
  2. Examine emotions
  3. Spend time in prayer
  4. Lean into mentors
  5. Face conflict head-on
  6. If you're off the mark, adjust your course

How do you typically deal with conflict? Are you comfortable? Do you cave in for approval? Do you sweep it under the rug? Hope it will go away? How does this affect your team and your leadership?
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How do you react to criticism and push back to your decisions? What emotion tends to pop up first? Does your pride tend to get in the way or can you take a step back?
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How do you let God guide you in times of conflict? Do you throw up a "Hail, Mary" prayer, or do you spend enough time to let God speak to you? How has God helped you in situations of leadership?
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Who is a mentor who can/has given you good feedback and perspective. If you don't have a mentor, who do you know that possesses skills you admire?
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Is there a conflict that you need to face head on? When will you address the situation? How can you make sure there is give and take in the conversation? Are you willing to adjust your course, if necessary?
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Problems are going to come. You are never going to eliminate conflict. But as you manage manage the conflict in a God-honoring way, your leadership and influence will grow.

If you'd like to read more about conflict and leadership, you can find Just Lead! by Sherry Surratt and Jenni Catron here.