Your Dreams, God's Design

What moves you?

God knit you together in your mother's womb. Every single one of your gifts, talents, and personality traits were given to you for His glory and His purposes. Singer/Songwriter Stephanie Smith candidly shares many life lessons she learned pursuing her dream of becoming a musician.  Though many doors began to open when she put God’s will for her life above her own, she learned that they could all be closed tomorrow. Finding her acceptance and joy in God’s unconditional love and having the obedience to follow Him wherever He leads keeps her grounded.

Stephanie's passion for music did not develop randomly. It was placed there by God for His glory. When Stephanie realized that her musical ability was not for her own good, but for God's purposes, she was able to reach many more people with the positive message of the gospel. 

In this post, Tricia Goyer explains how God planted a love for words and reading that blossomed into a successful writing ministry, encouraging others to identify the passions and skills God has given them. Tricia is the author of over thirty-five books including Lead Your Family Like Jesus as well as others on marriage, family, and parenting. 

What are you passionate about? What activities do you find bring you most joy?
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What would you say is your skill set? What do you do really well? Is there an area of life where others frequently commend you for your work?
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Identify the places where your passions and your skill set interact. What are those places?
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How are you currently using your passions/skills for God's glory? Are there ways in which you are seeking your own glory instead of His? Explain.
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Where Should You Go from Here?

In this video, Tricia shares her own story of using God-given passions and abilities for His glory. Now that you've identified areas where God may be calling you to pursue new opportunities, watch as Tricia gives practical steps you can take to move from desire to doing.

Tricia gave four steps to move from a desire to doing:
  1. Consider what skills you have
  2. Become a willing learner
  3. Gather people around you
  4. Don't get discouraged

Tricia noted that it is one thing to have a desire to do something, but it is something else to know how to do it. Identify possible knowledge gaps between what you desire to do and what you know about how to do it. What books can you read? What conferences/seminars can you attend? Who can you ask to mentor you?
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Who do you know around you that is pursuing similar desires? How can you reach out to them for mutual support?
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Are you easily discouraged? What keeps you encouraged? How can you stay encouraged, even when you face mistakes and setbacks?
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Stephanie Smith's passions and desires led to a record contract. Tricia Goyer's passions and desires led to a successful writing career. However, the chances that you will achieve that type of success is slim.

How do you define success? Failure?
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How is God glorified as we pursue the passions He gives us, regardless of the level of achievement we attain? What encouragement does that give you?
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Your passions, skills, and desires are present within you for God's glory. It is so easy to fall on one of two sides. Either the side of neglect, where you fail to pursue any opportunities to use your God-given gifts, or the side of self-glorification, where your pursuit is focused on your own fame and wealth. In the middle is the road of ultimate satisfaction, where you hold with open hands all that the Lord has equipped you to do. Your aim is to make His name great, and share with others His beauty and majesty. Pursue that middle road, trusting that on it you'll find your greatest joy and sense of purpose—true success.