Overcome Your Fear and Lean into Your Purpose

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Fear oftentimes gets in the way of God's people moving forward into discovering God's plan for their lives. This reflective illustration challenges us to use our gifts, talents and skills to glorify God where He has planted us.

When we decide to let go of our plans and we choose to let God lead, it can feel exciting, but it can also make us feel fearful. In this video clip, Ashlee Heiligman, US Director of Development for Compasio, talks about her journey to Compasio and encourages women to step out and trust God with their passions and with their gifts so that they will thrive in who God made them to be. 

When have you inadvertently pursued your plans thinking your real life would begin as soon as you acquired something in particular? What did you pursue?
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Ashlee said, "It’s so amazing to look back and see what God was doing all along the way. God wanted to bless me trusting Him and in letting go of my own control of what I wanted my plan to be and what I wanted my life to look like.” What fears do you have that keep you from trusting God with the things that you want for your life (i.e., marriage, education, having children, change in career, etc.)? Why do you think it is hard for you to trust God with these things?
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Ashlee mentioned that trusting God is not a guarantee path to the things that we want. But she believes it's "a guarantee path to joy and if we decide to set aside anything that hinders us from really walking out on our passions and walking out in the way that God created us...God will bless us in that and we will find joy and really thrive in who we are and who he has made us to be." 

How does Ashlee's comment change how you're pursuing the desires of your heart? List the things that hinder you from trusting God. How do they prevent you from thriving in who God made you to be?
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Trusting God is not easy, especially when it involves something contrary to what we want or what we imagined. Yet, there isn't anything like using our God-given gifts to glorify God. In this video clip, Ashlee encourages women to trust God with their passion as they  influence others for God.

Ashlee talked about how she always saw herself as an emotional person and couldn't understand how being sad could have purpose. Can you name something about yourself that makes you ask Ashlee's question, "What can God do with this and what does it matter?"
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Ashlee said, "You might not understand what your gifting is but you do have gifting.  And God wants to use those in a specific way and we don't want to neglect that. We want to figure out what those things are and understand what is God’s intention for you because He had a purpose in giving them to you. He had a reason to wire you the way that you are and to give you the passion and desires that you have."

What do you think your gifts are? What are you passionate about? How can you start using your passion and gifts to influence others?
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Our passion and our gifts can make an impact in our daily norms especially in how we respond to others. How do you normally respond to others who agree with you? What about those you disagree with? How can you respond to them with grace and gentleness? How are you exemplifying Christ to those God has put in your life?
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Ashlee said, "If you’re life reflects an attitude of gratefulness, and seeks out the best in others and points out the best in others, it’s going to look different from the world, it’s going to look different from the other people in their lives and they’re going to latch on and that’s when you really make disciples."