3 - Control the Pace

Don't Allow Your Schedule to Define You

Many of us fall into the trap of allowing busyness to run our lives and always running to catch up. If you don't define your schedule, your schedule will define you. Justin and Trisha Davis know this temptation, and they share three important questions that help them take charge of their time and schedule for quality time with the family.

How much TV do you watch? Are you able to have interact with the TV on? Are you having good conversations in spite of the television and balancing your entertainment with quality time?
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How often do you eat dinner together? Do you allow phones (or other distractions) to make it to the dinner table? How do you direct the conversation around the table so that dinner is an intentional time of building up your family?
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How often are you praying for one another? How often do you pray together? What can you teach your children through this time in prayer together?
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We don't have the capacity to create God's vision for us on our own. We must build our dependance on His direction as husbands and wives and mothers and fathers. Lead your family towards the rich quality time of prayer and spiritual discussion together.