The Affair You Didn't Know You Were Having

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Have you ever found yourself so entrenched in the work and ministry that you find you've neglected your family? Often, even simple distractions can easily turn into objects of worship that couples have to sacrifice in order to make each other feel loved.

If something as simple as watching television can derail our priorities, how much easier is it for our work obligations to pull us off track? That funny video illustration reminds us to make family time a priority. 

In this post, Peter Greer, President of HOPE International, shares about a pivotal moment in his ministry that led him to ensure that his family took precedence over his work. Peter has authored several books including Mission Drift and The Spiritual Danger of Doing Good. Watch as he gives practical wisdom on how to guard yourself from being overworked, neglecting your spouse and children. 

Describe your current work/family life balance. Do you feel like your job takes precedence over your family on a regular basis?
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Has your spouse ever indicated a dissatisfaction over how much time you spend at work vs home? How did you receive it? What was the result of that conversation? What changes did you make?
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Peter gave three practical guardrails that help keep his family a priority:
  1. He gave his wife a resignation letter.
  2. He set a limit on number of nights/evenings away from home.
  3. His phone is turned off and in a drawer from 5:30–8:30 in the evening.

Consider the message Peter was sending to his wife when he gave her his resignation letter. How would you feel about giving your spouse the ability to say "enough is enough"? What message would that send? At this point in your life, would you spouse use it?
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How many evenings are you required to be away from home because of work? How can you make the most of the evenings that you are at home, investing time with your spouse and children?
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Your primary calling will always be to your family over work. Don't let the good work you do take precedence over the greater work of ministering to your family.