Who You are Supposed to Be

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Mike Foster co-founded People of the Second Chance and now serves as the Chief Chance Officer. This organization helps hurting people to find freedom in God's grace. As counselors helping people find God's redemption, they frequently deal with the issue of identity. In this post Mike shares what he has learned about who we are in Christ.

From whom do you feel the biggest pressure to conform to other's expectations?
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What parts of "you" do you wish you could change? Do you think you want to be different in these areas for the right reasons?
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Answer the "who you are" question. How has God uniquely gifted you, and how can your talents help serve others?
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The greatest gift you can bring to the world is to be who God has created you to be. That means that God made you for a purpose, and His plan for you is certainly the best thing you can be.