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Too  many kids grow up thinking Christianity is a compartment. Faith is something you experience at church, then you go home and go on with your life. Brian Haynes is author of Shift: What it Takes to Finally Reach Families Today and Lead Pastor of Bay Area Baptist Church in League City, TX. In this post, Brian describes family faith talks and how they serve to integrate faith at home, eroding conceptions of compartmentalized Christianity.

Brian spoke about the difficult time families in his church were experiencing having conversations about Scripture at home. Describe your impression of how the families with children are doing in this area. How are you doing in this area?
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Brian noted that it is primarily the parents' responsibility to lead their children spiritually–not the church's. Parents are the primary faith trainers of the next generation. What structures/programs do you currently have in place to help parents in this task? What are your impressions of the efficacy of those structures/programs?
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Brian saw the need to give families a method which they could use to have conversations about spiritual things. This method, faith talks, involve three easy steps:
  1. Read the Scripture from the sermon you heard at church that week with your family.
  2. Ask your children questions about what you read.
    What does this passage say?
    Why do I need to know it?
  3. Communicate one take-away point that you want children to remember about the passage.

What are your thoughts on Brian's model for faith talks? How can you implement this for your congregation? How can you implement this in your home?
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Take a look at the document below. It is a simple resource that Brian's church makes available to families as a resource for faith talks.

Example Faith Talk Parent Resource

DOWNLOAD THIS DOCUMENT (Right Click and Save As)

What ways do you think you can encourage parents to have faith talks with their children? How do you think a resource like the one above would be received? What do you think is the best way to deliver resources like this to the families in your church (via the website, printed handouts. etc.)?
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As parents, begin to engage their children in conversation about Scripture and their faith, those invisible walls compartmentalizing Christianity as something done within the walls of a church begin to crumble—and not just for the kids either! Family faith talks are one way that parents can take an active role in discipling their children. 

For more information and resources on faith talks, see Brian's website,