Let Your Kids See Your Faith

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Kids pick up on much more than we realize. Our passions, pursuits, and patterns of behavior all impact how our children think and act. Watch this moving illustration where a boy’s magic viewfinder helps him see pivotal moments in his family’s past. 

Every moment you spend with your children is an opportunity for you to make an impression, even when you don’t know they are watching. Ron Deal, author and Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, shares how living out your faith in front of your kids shapes how they view God. 

What do you think your children would say you are most passionate about? Why? How do you actively try to live out a passion for Jesus?
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Ron mentioned that he and his wife tell their kids biblical stories, not waiting on the church to do it. They also share their own stories of faith and the faith stories of other's that their children know. How can you be more active in sharing Scripture with your kids and sharing testimonies of how the gospel has impacted you and others? How can you leverage children's natural love of stories to do this?
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Ron explained how he and his wife tried to remain authentic and open with their children, even when their middle son died at the age of 12. When is it easiest for you to be open and authentic with your children? When is it most difficult? What advantages are there to letting your kids see what it is like to wrestle with God?
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Like Ron said, "Faith is caught much more than it's taught." Don't be afraid to be open and authentic about your relationship with God with your kids. Seeing you wrestle with your faith gives them confidence to persevere through their own faith struggles. When they see that you don't have it all figured out, they can feel free to not have it all figured out.