The Reckless Place of Real Faith

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Many believers understand that how we respond to God's calling makes a difference in more ways than we can imagine. Even though we know that it’s more about what happens internally due to our personal relationship with Him, we fear the change that comes with following Him. Beth Guckenburger, Executive Director of Back2Back Ministries and author of several books including Reckless Faith, Tales of the Not Forgotten and Tales of the Defended Ones, talks about the journey God took her on and how the cry of the orphan has spurred her and her family into a life she never imagined for herself.

Beth describes her experience as "being like a burr under my saddle." She knew she would never feel quite comfortable again. Something had shifted and after the supernatural pleasure of that “defining moment," she wanted another hit. Has this feeling ever happened to you? If so, what did you do about it? How did this "burr" propel you to move faster and harder toward God's true plan for your life?
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God constantly challenges our faith as if to say, "Do you have a faith strong enough to want to be a part of my plan?” How has God challenged your faith in your life? How did you respond? How did it change you?
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A reckless faith trusts God no matter where He chooses the path to go. It also trusts when change comes because God sees farther down the path than we do.  In this video, Beth talks about the blessings and benefits that come from stepping out in faith as a family and explains her struggle to protect her children from what it takes to live sacrificially. 

Beth said, "That reckless faith is trusting in the Who, when we don't have all the answers to the questions like why, when, and where and how. It's believing that God is leading us into somebody's story and once we get to the middle of that story, it might not be easy, it might be really painful, we might open ourselves up to be disappointed or hurt, but we can be confident we're in the middle of God's storyline."

How does living with reckless faith provide vision for those seeking to move forward in God's calling? How does trusting God bring comfort to those unable to see the why, when, where and how?
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Beth said, "…the truth of the matter is I don't do you any favors when I try to take away the cost, and shield you from the cost and only give you the blessings of the life God has asked us to live, you too have to understand that there is a cost of following the gospel." Do you try to shield those you love away from the "cost of the gospel?" If so, how? How can our instinct to protect and shield those we love hinder us from moving forward with what God has asked us to do?
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In her book, Reckless Faith, Beth writes, "“A reckless faith trusts when God leads us down an unknown or lesser desired path. It trusts that the relationships we want to let go of—because they’re too hard or too complicated—are actually being used for his glory, for our sharpening, and for the others’ good. It trusts that this change, though difficult, is right because God sees farther down the path than we do.”