Reconcile Fully to the Gospel

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We all struggle with sin. It's real and it brings destruction. But in His magnificent mercy and grace, God forgives those who confess. This powerful video clip illustrates the extent of God's forgiveness toward those who trust in Christ.

So how should those who have received God's mercy and grace, respond to people who intentionally hurt us? How should we handle all of those wounds and hurts that have accumulated over the years?  Beth Guckenburger, Executive Director of Back2Back Ministries and author of several books including Reckless Hope,Tales of the Not Forgotten and Tales of the Defended Ones, talks about the ancient principle of biblical reconciliation and why its critical for believers to reconcile fully to the gospel so that their lives and relationships can offer hope to the rest of the world.

In what relationships or situations in your life can you be an agent of reconciliation? What can you change about the way you respond to those who hurt you?
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Have you fallen into the habit of “burning bridges” instead of focusing on reconciliation? How does your attitude need to change so that you can bring grace when others hurt you?
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Beth said, "If I have something against someone who is not a believer, then that doesn't make sense. How in the world will they see that reconciliation in my life if I'm not extending to them that which I have received? And if I have something against another Christ follower, another son of light, I have not fully participated in what God has offered to me."

Read Beth's statement above again. Do you agree with her? How does her statement change your view of reconciliation?
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What hurt are you holding on to today? What can you do to let it go today so that you can focus on grace and reconciliation?
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Beth said, "And so I think it's so critical for us to reconcile ourselves and our story lines wholly with the gospel story line and with the cross and then fully drinking deeply of the cup face full in Jesus', so that we can offer that thing that spills out into the other relationships in our lives. And that's how the rest of the world is going to find peace."