Choose Daily to Influence Others

2013 Work as Worship Conference

Leaders influence others. You have influence at work, in your home, in your community and maybe even around the world.  In this 24-minute session from the 2013 Work as Worship Conference, Todd Wagner, Senior Pastor of Watermark Community Church in Dallas, Texas, encourages business leaders to intentionally reflect the glory of Jesus in their sphere of influence daily so they can be a blessing to others and Christ will be glorified in the work He has given them to do.

As you watch this session, take notes and write down thoughts about how this session can impact your role. 

Todd's keys to leading and influencing other people:
  1. Help others become everything they dream of being as long as their dreams are consistent with that which will ultimately bless them.
  2. Don’t tell them the way, but show them how to follow the Way, the Truth, the Life.
  3. Do things that meet the needs of people.
  4. See every problem as an opportunity to drive people to something greater than themselves. 
  5. Be convinced at where the source of real help is for yourself and others. 
  6. Be stewards of the mystery of God and servants of Christ. 
  7. Seek Christ to satisfy all our needs. 
  8. Do not work for the things that will perish.
  9. Love others the way Christ did. 

Look through Todd's keys to leading and influencing people above. Is the way you approach leadership characterized by these points? How do you model your need for Christ to those you lead in the marketplace? How do you incarnate Christ to those on your team?
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Todd said that God wants us to have an abundant life which means that He will not allow us to chase after empty idols to find life in false hopes or illusions. How can our work become a false idol? How can chasing after our dreams give us false hopes and illusions compared to God's promises? 

Read John 6:1–15. How does this miracle show Christ as the support of life and as the guide and strengthener of hard work?
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Notice that this miracle illustrates the solutions to problems people typically try first. When faced with a difficult situation at work, what solution do you run to first? Rank them in order.

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Avoiding or getting rid of the problem.
Other people.
More success or personal gain

Todd said that by questioning Philip, Jesus was asking him the following questions: As a leader, do you know your responsibility? Do you know the source of your resource for the work God has given you? Take the time to answer that for yourself.
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Todd said, "“But when you understand where life comes from, and when you use your position, your education, your giftedness to love and serve others and to honor them and develop them in the fullness of their redemptive potential not only will they love you, they’ll know that they’re loved. When people know that you love them, they will follow you.” 

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