Move Women Beyond Just Learning

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Leading a successful women’s Bible study can be challenging. How can facilitators make Bible studies meaningful and effective? Listen carefully as Jennie Allen, author of two books and Bible studies including Stuck, Chase, and Restless, shares her insight on how to lead productive Bible studies that move women beyond just learning but keeps them engaged, growing together and actively serving others for the sake of Christ.

Jennie shared 3 things she considers when she leads a Bible study group.
  1. Head - understand the scriptures and what is truth with our head.
  2. Hearts - experience the transformation that truth brings.
  3. Hands - move to action and be the hands and feet of Jesus.

Think about the principles Jennie shared, how do you implement them in your current Bible study group? What do you need to do?
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Jennie said that one of the things she has learned as a teacher and writer/creator of Bible studies is not to fear the tension that scripture brings. What tensions do you currently have when you lead a group? How can you learn to share the things that you question with your group?
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How do you encourage the women that you lead to share their hearts and struggles? How can you encourage more authenticity within your group?

Jennie said, "I believe that if we continue to learn about the Word of God, to be transformed in the insides of us with our hearts by the word of God, but we do not move to action together as women, we are going to grow numb and bored and we are actually going to miss the whole point." Do you agree with Jennie? Why or why not? How can mobilizing women help them spiritually?
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Jennie said, "We need to actually let the Bible mess us up. We need to get together. And the only way that is going to happen is if we drill each other, look at each other in the eyes and we don’t let each other say the easy answers and we don’t ask the easy questions." 

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