3 Tips to See Your Goals Through

Stay positive about your met goals and keep working toward the rest

We all set goals and most of us fail to meet some now and then. As CEO of Ideation, an organization that helps companies find and execute ideas and vision, Charles Lee understands how common it is to fall short of meeting these goals, and in this video he gives three points to help us refocus and stay positive. 

Charles' three tips for accomplishing the goals you've set:
  1. Celebrate what has already been accomplished
  2. Remove the non-essentials
  3. Recalibrate your passion back to your original goals

What accomplishments can you celebrate from the last six or twelve months? Take a few moments to express thankfulness to God and celebrate the team for all the good that has happened.
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What non-essentials in your life and work are keeping you from meeting your goals? What distractions from what is most important do you need to remove?
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What one, big goal have you been thinking about giving up? Use this post as motivation to fight that discouragement. Create a plan here for seeing this goal through to the end.
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As hard as it may be to accomplish, the point is simple—don't be discouraged about not meeting your goals. Stay positive about every good thing you have accomplished, get uncluttered and refocus your attention. Don't give up because you have to change your deadline but remember the passion that made you write down your goals in the first place.