Intentional Discipleship with Your Kids

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Between obligations at work and tasks or chores at home, it is often easy to overlook discipling our own children. Before you hear from Josh, watch this video and consider how every moment you spend with your child helps build their character and influences who they are becoming. 

That illustration sends a strong message about where we place our priorities as parents. In the first teaching of this post, Josh describes some practical steps he takes to invest in the lives of his children.

Josh explains how nothing could have prepared him for being a dad. In what ways has becoming a parent been more difficult than you imaged? In what ways has it been more rewarding?
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In the video, Josh described a recent trip where he was able to give his son undivided attention—no cell phone, no computer, no work. It was a rich, rewarding, and fulfilling time because his son "had his dad."

In what ways are you currently giving your children your full, undivided attention? What does a one-on-one time with your son/daughter look like? What are some life lessons that you have been able to impart?
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Josh gives a few ideas how we might intentionally invest in our kids on a day to day basis when we come home from the office or finish the chores/tasks for the day:

  • Putting your phone on silent
  • Limiting the use of technology
  • Not doing work-related tasks while the kids are awake

Do you think you are letting technology or work related tasks impact the amount of undivided attention you are able to give your kids on a daily basis? What steps might you take to proactively invest in your children daily?
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In this second video, Josh shares a couple of ways he and his wife try to actively disciple their children.

Josh and his wife have made family dinners and morning family devotionals the two main avenues through which they actively disciple their children.

What does dinner time look like in your home? Josh admits that as his children get older, having family dinners has become more difficult. What obstacles make it difficult for you to spend meals together as a family and how might you overcome them?
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How frequently are you leading your family in devotions (Scripture reading, prayer)? What obstacles stand in the way of regular family devotions in your home? How might you begin to incorporate more frequent devotional times into your family’s routine?
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Intentional discipleship with our children does not come easily. Honestly, it can be overwhelming. If you are overwhelmed, start small. If you currently don't have family devotions at all, try them once a week. The important thing is to take seriously the incredible opportunity the Lord has given you to play a formative role in your child's faith.