The Role of Youth Ministry

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Listen carefully as Kurt Bruner, President of HomePoint, explains how the role of youth ministry needs to provide kids with an introduction to what can be and what should be in terms of family, culture of faith and pursuing a life long relationship with Christ. 

How are you teaching youth to trust in God as opposed to having a list of dos and don'ts to define what it means to be a Christian? How are you teaching youth that obedience requires sacrifice?
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How can you teach parents that their faith influences the faith of their kids? How do you incorporate missional living, evangelism and community within your youth ministry program?
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Kurt shared the importance of connecting youth with other families to provide a context that introduces kids to what a culture of faith in the home looks like. How does your youth group involve families? How can you start recruiting couples of all ages to help with the youth?
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Providing a theological framework and practical programming ideas to help teenagers develop a life long relationship with Christ can be hard work. However, the role of the youth group can also be extremely rewarding especially if we are building faith in the life of a teenager that will stick throughout the rest of their lives.