Stepping Into Church Planting

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Sometimes dreams are not enough to extinguish the hard that comes with church planting especially when you're in a difficult context. Listen carefully as Rob Wilton, Lead Pastor of Vintage Church in New Orleans, Louisiana, shares his experience as a church planter in a tough mission field and gives his advice on how to prepare for this difficult task.

Rob shared his grandfather's advice about going into ministry, "God's call, trumps all." What is your calling? Whom is God calling you to reach? Describe the context in which you are thinking of cultivating?
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What do you expect your church plant to look like in two years? Four years? Ten? How are you resourcing your vision? Who have you called to come alongside you to work with you?
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Planting a church requires significant personal risks. How do you prepare for such a task? Rob Wilton, Lead Pastor of Vintage Church in New Orleans, Louisiana, shares the life lessons he learned in planting Vintage Church and encourages young church planters as they begin to explore their calling. 

Rob's advice for those who want to step into church planting:
  1. Know your calling
  2. Serve under a new church plant in a context similar to the one God is calling you to get equipped and trained for a year.
  3. Don't lay out universal absolutes.
  4. Don't be married to philosophies, be married to reaching people.
  5. Find mentoring relationships.

What steps have you taken to get equipped and trained for your calling? How have you prepared your family?
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Rob encouraged those thinking about church planting to serve one year under a church in order to get equipped and trained. How does Rob's advice fit with your plans? Do you agree with him? Why or why not?
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What mentoring relationships do you currently have? How do you think mentoring relationships help in the areas of marriage and family, theology and management? What do you need to do to find one?
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Success in church planting is being faithful to what God wants you to do at the time and place He wants you to do it. What can you do to extinguish the culture's definition of success and remember God's calling when things get hard?
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The task of church planting requires seeking guidance in every step you take from those who’ve been there so that you are prepared for the difficult road ahead. It will take patience, endurance and a lot of time.

                               Trust in the Lord with all your heart; do not depend on              
                                    your own understanding. Seek his will in all you do, and         
                                   he will show you which path to take.
                                                                                          `~ Proverbs 3:5–6, (NLT)