Put Action in Your Purpose and Principles

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How are you putting yourself forward as a leader? How are you wired? When others look for a reason to quit, do you find a reason to keep going? Take a look at this motivational video.

That video is a challenge for us to step up to the gifts and skills God gave us to lead. In this next video, Cheryl Bachelder, CEO of AFC Enterprises, Inc., discusses the importance of deciding how you put yourself forth as a leader. Cheryl has more than 30 years of experience in brand building, operations and management at companies like KFC, Domino's Pizza, RJR Nabisco and The Procter & Gamble Company.

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Cheryl talked about how the early years in the marketplace are primarily for gaining knowledge, experience and skills so that you can add more value to the enterprise. Do you agree or disagree? What assets do you add to your company?
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Cheryl mentioned the risk of "developing a reputation for who you are before you have contemplated who you will be." 

Who do you want to be known for? How do you collaborate?
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When there is a problem, are you a solver or are you on the sidelines? How do you want to be known?
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How do you influence others in your context? How do people "know" you?
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As we continue to think about how we want to add value, listen as Cheryl talks about how your purpose and principles govern how you work. 

Cheryl talked about how "purpose and principles" are more than a plaque on the wall. Your values and your company's values are seen through your actions. 

What are your God-given strengths and gifts? How are you demonstrating those in your organization?
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How are you demonstrating your faith values in your organization?
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What life experiences shape your actions in the workplace?
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What do you want to be known for? It must be more than word; those values are demonstrated by your actions. 

Cheryl finished with this encouragement: It's transformational to explore why you work, come to terms with it, and bring it to the workplace with an action plan. 

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