How to Establish a Worship Culture in Your Church

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In this video, Brett Younker explains how church leaders have the opportunity to be intentional about shaping the culture of their place of worship.

Worship begins with a leader who places high value in his or her own personal worship life and then infuses the value of it into the culture of the church. How often do you talk to God, not because you need something but simply out of relationship? How often do you spend in the Word?
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As a church leader, how do you promote worship within your church? How do you teach worship? What example have you set for those who are watching you?
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Brett explained that how church leaders communicate within the walls of the church determines what other people think and it gets into what the church believes. Do you agree with Brett? Why or why not? What is your church leadership communicating in regards to what your church teaches and believes?
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In this next video, Brett Younker explains how his worship team establishes a culture of worship and how its one of the foundational pieces of really desiring the presence of God especially when they meet together as a church.

Brett shared two ways his church prepares as they lead people for worship:
  1. Prayer before every gathering.
  2. Constantly training and raising worship leaders. 

How do your church leaders prepare for corporate worship? What else do you do to help your leaders prepare to lead others in worship?
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Brett suggested that leading others in worship involves all of the elements in a church service. How do you partner with those who teach, preach, and lead worship in your church? How can you implement a new plan so that all of you are working toward one goal in bringing people to Christ?
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Whatever your leadership position is in your church, you have a role in creating a culture of worship in your church. Believers are looking for leaders to show them what worship looks like. As a church leader, teaching true worship begins with you and it is exactly what God has called you to do.