Validating Those in the Marketplace

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We didn't become Christians and then instantly go to heaven.  God has a purpose for us on this earth. As a leader in your church, you have an enormous responsibility to teach Scripture and inspire people to follow God with their lives. 

As your church service or Bible study ends and people are sent out onto the track of life, they are on mission. They have potential to impact the world around them for Christ. People like Cheryl Bachelder, CEO of AFC Enterprises, Inc. need the encouragement and equipping as they work where God placed them—where he called them. 

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Do the people you lead feel that they are in a "lesser calling" in the marketplace? How do you validate the calling in the lives of people who go to work each day?
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How are you challenging, empowering and sending out your people into their spheres of influence?
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Every week the church is going to work.  We have to stop compartmentalizing life into “church activities” and “work activities”.  Church leaders and business people must work together if we are truly going to see millions of business people unleashed on mission for God as living examples of the gospel in the marketplace.

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