Stop Freaking Out About Your Kids

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Kevin DeYoung, an award-winning author, popular blogger, conference speaker, and senior pastor at University Reformed Church in East Lansing, Michigan. He and his wife, Trisha, have five children who keep them very busy and provide them with plenty of opportunities to freak out.

Kevin reminds us that when it comes raising our children, the Bible, though not a detailed how-to manual, does cover the fundamentals.
  • pray for them
  • love them
  • discipline them
  • teach them about Christ
  • teach them the way of the Lord
  • don't exasperate them

What makes you freak out about your kids? How do these fears complicate your life as a parent? How do they affect your kids?
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When it comes to his own children, Kevin deals with uncertainty by "trusting in the mercies of God that they are His children." How well do you trust God with your kids? What aspects of your children's lives do you withhold from God...even just a little bit?
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Choose the one thing that scares you the most about your kids. How would it change you as a parent if you stopped freaking out about this? Take some time—right now—to bring this fear to God. Ask Him to carry the weight of your worry.
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The depth and breadth of God's love for our children makes our own look small by comparison. In this uncertain world, He is the only safe place—the only one we can entrust our children to with certainty. So whenever you feel yourself starting to freak out about your kids, picture them wrapped snugly and safely in their Father's arms because that's where they are. He's got them. Always.

In Kevin's book, Crazy Busy: A (Mercifully) Short book about a (Really) Big Problem, he devotes an entire chapter to this topic. To learn more about Kevin and to access a preview of the book, please visit