Facing Grief to the Glory of God

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The New Canaan Society exists to inspire a global connected network of men who are committed to friendship with Jesus and each other. At the 2011 New Canaan Society Conference, Tom McGehee, consultant to Fortune 100's and former partner with Ernst and Young, shares his families personal story of tragedy and encourages men to hold fast to what they claim to believe.

Read Hebrews 4:14–16. When our weaknesses present themselves, when crisis hits, we have to make a choice to accept Christ's mercy and grace or deny what we claim to believe.

How have you fallen guilty to expecting the Lord to bless your plan, rather than submitting to His? What was the result of doing so?
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Have you ever had a tragic experience or a disappointment cause you to evaluate your own faith? In the moment, did you believe what you claimed to believe?
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How have you been blessed by brothers and sisters clinging to the Lord in the face of tragedy? What did the Spirit teach you through their example of faith?
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Tom said that, "a lot of people will trust Christ with their eternal life, but won’t trust him with their 401K." In what part of your life do you need to give up control?
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"What we do and who we are is much bigger than the little world that surrounds us.” Remember where your identity lies. Remain a faithful son or daughter while your life is easy and pleasant, and prepare your faithfulness for when tragedy makes it harder to trust.

If you would like to learn more about the work and ministry of the New Canaan Society, you may visit their website here.