Church Planting 101

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Is God calling you to plant a church? What should church planters consider as they prepare for church planting? In this first video clip, Aaron Coe, Vice President of Mobilization of the North American Mission Board, encourages young church planters by sharing his experience as a church planter in NYC. 

In what ways are you using the gifts God has given you to proceed with implementing your vision?
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Differentiate between your culture and the context in which God is calling you to. How will you deal with the differences?
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What are you doing to disciple others towards multiplicity now? What can you do to cast your vision to other planters so that you are working with them to expand God's kingdom?
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In this second video clip, Aaron urges pastors and church planters to stick to the vision God has called them to do. 

Aaron gave pastors and church planters advice as they begin their ministry:
  1. Don't implement someone else's vision
  2. Don't do what you have seen somewhere else
  3. Do what God is doing with you in the context He has placed you in.
  4. Be yourself.

Consider Aaron's advice and write down the vision God has called you to do. In what context is God calling you to go?
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Be encouraged. God wants your ministry to succeed more than you do because you are sharing the gospel and expanding His kingdom. So as you implement your vision and begin your ministry wherever God sends you, remember you have an awesome God.

Be strong and take heart, all you who hope in the Lord.

`~Psalm 31:24 (NIV).

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