Don't Sacrifice Your Family for Work

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Does it seem like there is not enough time to be excellent in business and give your family and other responsibilities proper attention? Don Barefoot, President of C12, talks about how business leaders can provide good leadership without compromising their family life. C12 is a Christian leadership development organization that helps people use their position as Christian Business Owner, CEO, or President to share the joy of serving Christ daily.  

Read Exodus 18:9–26. Jethro, Moses' father-in-law, gave wise counsel for Moses to delegate some so that he didn't wear out. Moses took that advice. Do you feel like you have to "do it all"? Are you worn out? What is getting short-changed?
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Take a look at your priorities…where and how you spend your time. How would you list your priorities? How would your family list your priorities? Is there anything that needs to change?
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Don spoke from his own experience and the example of other business leaders when he stated that it's possible to have a successful business and not work more than 50 hours per week. Take a look at your work schedule. Are you working more than 50 hours? What can you delegate? What can you change so that you have more balance?
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Take a look at the philosophies and practices of Co-founders Henry Kaestner and David Morkin talk about the values of this successful internet connectivity business and share how their work/life/family balance follow Christian values. 

They work hard, play hard and serve others.You can excel in business, your family life and in ministry when you are intentional about your priorities. 

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