Two Principles Every Church Planter Should Know

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 In this video, Ronnie Floyd, Senior Pastor of Cross Church in northwest Arkansas, shares two principles that will encourage every church planter to continue running the race that God has set before them.

Ronnie shared two principles for every church planter to consider:
  1. Be careful not to forfeit your leadership because of immature decisions. 
  2. Prioritize your devotional life.

How does Ronnie's comment, "Don't die on every hill," change how you see failure?
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Ronnie encourages leaders to remain diligent to truth and morality. One way to do that is to have accountability. How do you stay above reproach? What steps do you take to keep those around you accountable? Develop a plan to have those close to you keep you accountable and vice versa.
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What does your personal devotional time look like today? What can you do to stay committed? What interruptions do you need to deal with so that you stay focused during your time with the Lord?
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 Church planters will face moments of discouragement, defeat and uncertainty. For that reason it is imperative for you to hold on to the promises of God's Word. It will compel you to move forward and it will change the lives of those you minister to and those who work alongside with you. Be encouraged and " faithful, and in time, God will send His glory upon your people."

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