How to Live What you Preach

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After years of pastoring and church planting, D.A. Horton now leads Reach Life Ministries, which focuses on bringing the gospel to urban youth. Pulling on his personal experiences, he teaches the great value of doing work with your congregation outside of Sunday morning and, in doing so, working to show people the action of practical ministry that backs up the things we say behind the pulpit.

Read Titus 2:1–8. Think about Paul's words and advice to this young pastor as you consider the following questions.

How do you keep your congregation from putting you on a pedestal? What do you do to emphasize Christ's headship over your church?
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One of things that D.A. emphasized from Titus was that the older teach the younger in good deeds. Does your church have a discipleship system in place? How do you normally handle discipleship, and how might it improve?
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What opportunities do people under your authority have to see you living out the activity that you preach? How can you increase this so that you do ministry, in part, as an intentional model for them?
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D.A. has given a strong challenge to pastors and church leaders. "When we lead by example and we're open about our failures, I think that will show people our humanity, and it will put more dependency on the Holy Spirit."

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