Multiplying Your Leadership

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D.A. Horton is the Executive Director of Reach Life Ministries, the non-profit ministry of Reach Records, which is focused on reaching urban youth with the gospel. In this training post, D.A. speaks about the multiplication aspect of disciple making. If Christians are to follow the Great Commission, we must look to multiply into new followers of Christ.

Read Matthew 28:18–20. Discipleship is essential to the Christian faith, and Jesus said that we must make disciples of all nations. This means that multiplication must be an integral part of serious discipleship. D.A. gave us some great lessons for doing this effectively. 

D.A. said that discipleship is "taking someone by the hand and walking in maturity in Christ together." Who are you walking with into maturity in Christ? How can you make this relationship more intentional for both of you concerning your spiritual walks?
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Read Acts 17:16–34. How has God given you time and place to share the gospel or otherwise do the work of the church? What "non-church" situations are around you that you can take advantage of for the sake of Jesus' name?
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D.A. also said, "we need to teach people not be codependent on us but rather interdependent on the body of Christ so that they will never grow independent of the local church." How have you seen codependency problems in the church? What does interdependency look like?
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As you go about the work of making disciples, remember that we all have a part to play in the building of the Church, but none of our efforts will work if not planted on Jesus, our chief cornerstone.

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