My Mission is My Life

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Lecrae, Reach Record's rapper and company president, describes the way that he lives the gospel in every part of his life. He explains how the gospel as more than a ticket to heaven, but it is the only way we make any progress in the Kingdom. It moves and informs every part of our life when we are walking closely with the Lord.

Living missionally every day means living the gospel everyday. As we walk closely with the Lord, He will enable us to cling to the gospel in a way that affects our relationships and the work of our hands.

How have you noticed a tendency for your horizontal relationships and your vertical relationship to move in the same direction? What does this teach you about the way that you spend time with God?
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During those moments when you are especially aware of the truth of the gospel and its effect on you, what difference do you notice in your love, care, and selflessness?
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Read Colossians 1:5–6. Paul says that the fruit of the gospel grows out of the hope we have in heaven. How does the fruit of the gospel appear in your life?
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Lecrae summed this lesson well when he said,"It all comes back to this message of God condescending into humanity to bring us close to Him, and that's my missional motivation."

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