How to Move from Complexity to Clarity

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This Right Now training post, in partnership with Soderquist Leadership, features Steve Reinemund, former Chairman and CEO of PepsiCo. He explains how over-complex policies and practices can hold your people back from doing their best work. Adding simplicity and communicating trust to employees raises the quality of the whole organization.

Watch this humorous illustration about a boss who fails to believe in his employee.

When a boss does not trust his workers, they feel undervalued and unappreciated. Steve Reinemund believes in communicating to his employees that he trusts them to do their jobs. Watch him explain how PepsiCo did that.

Making a complex organization real to the people will unleash them to perform their best. Steve and his predecessor were able to take a situation that was too complex and create better working environment for everyone. They adopted these two principles:
  1. Take back the streets
  2. Make quality a reality

What are the most complex parts of your organization? What can you do to simplify these processes, objectives, communications or procedures?
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Like the Frito-Lay salesmen's reports, is there something that your organization could completely remove in order to free people from an unnecessary hindrance to their actual jobs?
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Do you believe that every person in your organization has a clear vision of their role in the big picture? Does each person have an opportunity to take ownership of your bottom line product?
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If you had to identify just two or three principles that could drive your organization, what would they be?
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Give your organization's complexity some deep thought this week. As you do, consider what your practices mean to employees at every level and how you can help each person do their best work.

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