Trusting your Team During Adversity

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When Roger Staubach and the Dallas Cowboys won the Super Bowl, he experienced the great benefit of everyone on a team doing his particular job with excellence. In this RightNow Training post, in partnership with Soderquist Leadership, he contrasts the difference between an organization fixated on personal agendas and one where each member does his best at the job given him.

But first watch this humorous illustration about the wrong way to build trust in the workplace.

Trusting your co-workers is difficult when people do not pull their weight. Trust and success is easy, however, when everyone does their own part to the best of their ability. Roger Staubach experienced this kind of teamwork as the star quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys.

The Dallas Cowboys went through a time of finger pointing and competing personal agendas. Then everyone abandoned self centeredness, pulled together through adversity, and won the Super Bowl.

Roger said that, "adversity reveals genius and prosperity conceals it." What was the last serious adversity to challenge your business or organization? How was this problem resolved?
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Do you see your current role as a placement from the Lord? How are you uniquely suited to work with excellence in the job you have been given?
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Where do you see blame and personal agendas hurting your organization? How can these things be resolved?
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What change will occur on your team if finger pointing is removed and everyone completely trusts each other? What will that look like?
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Whether in business, sports or ministry, trust is vital to the success of any team. Challenge yourself to trust those you work with and make yourself easy to be trusted.

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