My Dreams for God Versus God's Will for Me

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Have you ever experienced disappointment with God because He was not on board with your plans? What if the plans were very good things that you intended for His glory? This dramatic illustration shows an olympic hopeful who intends to honor God with his running, but learns to face disappointment when God's plan is not what he expects.

When God upsets our plans, we rarely see the good right in the moment. With time and faithfulness, however, we usually see the better plan that God intended all along. In this post produced in partnership with Soderquist Leadership, Phil Vischer, creator of VeggieTales, tells his story of realizing that God's plans did not match his and shares the lessons he learned through that experience.

 "As a Christian, I had made the work I was doing for God more important than my relationship with Him." Like Phil, many of us have orchestrated our dreams to be good for God so that we expect Him to fulfill them.

Have you set goals that are too audacious? Are you trying to fix the world when God is asking you to be faithful with small things? Write some thoughts in this space about the reasons behind your big goals. For whom are you working to accomplish them?
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Which of your objectives can you hand over to God so that your focus can change from outcomes to obedience?
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What are some expressions that Christians use when they attach biblical language to their dreams (thus making them near impossible to abandon)? Have you ever used any of these for your plans?
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Read Proverbs 27:1 and Matthew 6:31–34. How do these verses inform your understanding of this issue of dreams and plans and God's will?
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Spend some time this week thinking about the goals of your organization. Some goals in business are necessary, but ask yourself where your goals don't allow for the Spirit's guidance to cause changes.

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