Humility, Legacy and Leadership

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Strong leadership requires humility. The humble leader will honor the legacy of those who came before, encourage people to succeed and respect the decisions of their peers. RightNow Media, in partnership with Soderquist Leadership, feature David Glass, retired Walmart CEO,  and Don Soderquist, retired Walmart COO, as they share how they applied these leadership principles.

In the first clip, David and Don remember lessons they learned from Sam Walton, Founder of Walmart, and how they decided to honor his memory after he was gone.

What are some elements of your predecessor's leadership that you've kept in practice? What are some things that you changed? Evaluate those decisions now.
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They said that Sam was never bashful to share when he was dissatisfied, but his expectations also communicated trust. Do you plainly communicate to your people when you want to see change? Do you do this in a way that gives them reason to believe that you trust them? How can you improve in both of these areas?
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In this next video, David and Don talk about the leader's appropriate level of pride, working as a leadership team, and their standards for choosing quality managers.

Do you and your fellow leaders loyally support one another? Do your people know that you back each other's decisions? How can you improve this aspect of your leadership?
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David and Don listed three things they look for when hiring new managers.

  1. Integrity
  2. Low Resistance to Change
  3. Willingness to Fail

How can you measure each of these? How will you determine if a potential leader possesses these qualities?
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Is there anything you would add to their list; something particular that your organization requires?
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This humorous story from David and Don reveals their personal friendship and helps us to see how they were able to work together so well.

Are you a humble leader? Challenge yourself this week to grow your respect for your predecessors, employees, managers and fellow leaders.

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